Our Mission

 "Self-care is our why. It is the heart of Flying High and the foundation of our therapeutic practices. We strongly believe that nothing is possible without first taking proper care of yourself. It's time to give yourself permission to put yourself first. We are here to help alleviate any guilt, shame, fear, resentment or anger that you may feel when prioritising your own health and well-being. To remind you that it's okay to put yourself first, and to make sure you never apologise for it.


At Flying High we specialise in promoting healthy self-care practices, providing guidance and tools to help you identify, establish and maintain your own self-care practices, providing treatments for those suffering from burnout and overwhelm, and helping you identify the signs and symptoms of burnout and overwhelm so that you may address your needs from a place of embodied self-awareness."

Meet Chloe Thomas

 Holistic Healer

Chloe is a passionate 23-year-old Holistic Healer from Perth, Western Australia.

After earning her Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2016, Chloe felt a strong desire to offer an even more holistic approach to healing. This, along with her passion for mind-body medicine, led to a Diploma of Reflexology, skills in Hot Stone Massage Therapy, certificates in Reiki, Ka Huna Bodywork and Acupressure, and her current pursuit of Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher certifications. 

Chloe strongly believes that, in order to achieve true healing and lasting wellness, we must return home to ourselves and address all aspects of our being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through her practices, she hopes to help you reconnect with yourself, develop a strong awareness of your body, mind and spirit, and establish a deep connection between each.

Chloe often uses multiple modalities within a single session, and enjoys incorporating crystals, sound, energy work, card readings, and intuitive guidance into her healing practices. With a personal interest in yoga, meditation, crystal healing, astrology, and divination through cards, tea leaves, runes and palmistry, Chloe is invaluable on your journey home to yourself, true healing, and lasting wellness.

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